Idol beer works has a wide selection of beers made right here at the brewery, including non-alcoholic options.  We source ingredients from all over the world in an effort to make the most authentic beer possible.


Currently On Tap


Kombucha is a  alcohol free juice made by fermenting tea.  Its delicious!

Training Wheels

A low alcohol, light session ale.

Delta Breeze

At 5.1% Delta breeze is a complex medium weight California style pale ale.


What we call a Tropical Pale Ale

Bruised Image

A red style with 7.1 abv.  

Revenge of the Mocha Penguin

ROTMP:  Black as a penguin's tux and almost as heavy this Milk Stout is incredibly smooth and creamy. 

Smutty Fraulein

A German Blonde Ale with notes of fruit.  Light easy drinking


A standard India Pale Ale with excelent flavor and balance


8.6 abv,  92 IBU.  

Smooth almost creamy on the palate followed by an eruption of tantalizing hop flavors and aroma's.  be warned, probably one of the easiest drinking double IPA's out there.

The Bruce

Scottish Ale made by a Scot in true Highland fashion.  Heavy, sweet and served on nitro.

Double Image

Our double IPA is based on Image.  Unlike many other doubles, ours is double the flavor without being overbearing.